How does acupuncture work?

According to Chinese wisdom, the mechanism of action of acupuncture was based on a model of physiology of the body, unfamiliar to western science. It envisions the body to be traversed by multiple channels (meridians), which connect different parts of the body and the different organs (making it possible for them to constantly communicate for maintenance of balance, thus promoting health), through which life energy (Qi – pronounced as Chi) flows. The disease processes may affect the meridians and or the organs, causing abnormal flow of the Qi, and disruption of the healthy communications. The insertion of the needles at precise points tend to remove abnormalities in the meridians, and the organs, thereby restoring the normal flow of Qi, and thus the normal physiology.

Western Science has discovered that the insertion of the acupuncture needles in acupuncture points, cause profound change in human physiology including propagation of nerve impulses, elaborations of many neuro-chemicals including Endorphin (the most potent pain killer known to humanity), Cortisone, Serotonin etc. These lead to pain relief, improved circulation, enhanced immunity, and improved functioning of the organs, utilizing the body’s own resources.

Please understand that just because the western science has not yet discovered the meridians and the illusive Qi, the Chinese belief of the acupuncture physiology is invalid. As the research is progressing, in many instances, the assertion made in ancient acupuncture texts are turning out to be true.